Table of Content

  1. Chromecast
  2. Download media to External SD Card
  3. Subtitles Language
  4. Video


  1. Install LocalCast ,AllCast or bubbleUPnP first.
  2. Select “Play Via Other Video Players” in Terrarium TV.
  3. Finally, choose LocalCast or AllCast or other alternatives to cast the video to screen.

Download media to External SD Card

You cannot download media to sdcard using Android’s default download manager.
If you’d like to download media to sdcard, you need to download any external download manager which supports downloading to sdcard. E.g. Advanced Download Manager
Then, you need to press “Choose default download manager…” and select “External download manager(s)”

Subtitles Language

There are currently 4 subtitles services supported by Terrarium TV.
If you’d like to change subtitles language of OpenSubtitles service, first you need to go to Settings page. Then, select “Choose subtitles languages(s)…”. Finally, select the language(s) you want and click “OK” to save.
If there is no subtitles provided by OpenSubtitles service, you can check out SubHD, Makedie or Zimuku. Subtitles provided by them are mainly in Chinese. But there are also some English subtitles.