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Terrarium TV app has been shut down and discontinued. ALL its related operations have been ceased officially. The developer will not contribute to or be involved in any streaming apps or services from now on.

Terrarium TV app downloaded from unknown sources harms your device and exposes your IP address. Please uninstall Terrarium TV immediately! All unofficial versions of Terrarium TV are not affiliated with the original and official one.

For now, you will NOT be able to watch any video stream using Terrarium TV app as all the pages and screens will show “No Data” only. Clicking the update button will not update the app. Version 9.9.9 DOES NOT exist. All development activities have been ceased and there will be no more updates. Without any future updates, the app becomes useless as the code becomes outdated. Please uninstall it immediately!

You can visit https://www.justwatch.com/ for legitimate Terrarium TV alternatives! You should ONLY use legitimate software applications like Netflix or Amazon Prime for watching or streaming movies and TV shows.

Thank you and farewell.

Sep 11, 2018